The Fear Factor is a Zombie dance featuring classic horror-film tropes clawed hands and crazy ambulations, an earsplitting scream, gasping breath. Some strong performances.”

Sanjoy Roy,The Guardian/UK Jan 2013

The Fear Factor – They screamed and they totally immersed themselves in movements, hypnotic to watch. ”

Mil Vukovic, The Place/UK Jan 2013

The Fear Factor – I did enjoy Cody’s zombie girls.The lead blonde was fantastic, and it was great physical story-telling.”

Sarah Punshon, Arts Events Programmer at Natural History Museum, UK Jan 2013

“After seeing The Fear Factor at Resolution 2013, I now finally have my own resolution for 2013: NO FEAR! 🙂 I want to ban fear from my life. No fear of anything and anyone. Just head up and go, and speak out loud for myself! 🙂 ”

Stefania Caimi Abbondio, Audience member, UK Jan 2013

“[When Love Calls] is all about love; being able to create layers of new concepts and ideas based on a topic that’s almost been fully exploited in many ways, is what makes this piece captivating. I’ve seen a lot of dance pieces about love, “When love calls” is one of the most truly stimulating and sensational.”

Fang Ren, Dance Journal/HK  Feb 2008

When Love Calls only used a black background and two rails of spot light, but with dancers’ extraordinary skills, speed and stamina, this proved to be a piece of high professional standard.”

Deng Lan, Dec 2007

“Cody’s choreography is full of energy, and requires dedicated dancers who keep challenging themselves.”

Ta Kung Pao newspaper, Hong Kong


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